Email sent to Minns on Sat. 9 Dec. 2023.

An email sent to Premier Chris Minns on Saturday, 9 Dec. 2023, using the form provided, which ended with a “Yes, I would like a response,” which we clicked.

In it’s own words, The Health Care Complaints Commission acts to protect public health and safety by resolving, investigating and prosecuting complaints about health care.

But what are the facts?

According to it’s own website, it received 9,159 complaints in 2022-23 – an average of just over 760 per month.

From this, you would think it would be safe to say it received at least 400 complaints per month about Doctors, with the rest being about miscellaneous other health care workers, nurses, Chinese Medical Practitioners and so on.

So, out of the 800 or so complaints it received in October and November 2023, about Doctors, in how many instances, do you think, it was agreed that the Doctor’s care of their patient had been sub-standard? – ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

(And this will make you laugh – in this instance it was found that, with a chin implant he was about to insert into a patient, he dropped it on the floor, and he just picked it up and continued to insert it into the patient!)

One Doctor was found guilty of misconduct in relation to drugs, two were found guilty of what amounted to sexual misconduct, and one guilty in relation to medical benefits claims. As we said, IN JUST CASE OUT OF 800! was it agreed that the Doctor’s care of their patient had been substandard.

In other words, 99.9% of the NSW people who took the considerable time and trouble to make a complaint to the HCCC about a Doctor, were told they were STUPID – that they really had no basis to complain.

And the situation has been becoming worse and worse and worse for years, to the point where it’s hard to imagine how it could get any worse.



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