Chris Minns, Leader of the NSW Opposition – how to contact him and in general.

Chris Minns, MP, has been the Leader of the Opposition in New South Wales for almost a year – since 4 June, 2021.

He has a website, of course – and a Wikipedia article on him, also, of course.

And if readers go to the New South Wales Parliament’s website it has an entry on him, which readers can access by using this link

His website shows an ordinary email address for him –

We’ve just, on Sunday, 22 May 2022, sent a “Test” message, using this ordinary email address, and, almost immediately received this “Automatic reply.”

With automated replies, a problem is that the sender never ends up with proof that they sent a particular email at a particular time on a particular day, but, even though it would take someone just a few seconds to remedy this – someone just has to click “received.” But very few addressees have anyone doing this. Perhaps it’s hard to get anyone doing this, it’s so boring.

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