A response to an email

In rĂ©ponse to the emails we’d sent to Premier Minns on Sat. 9 Dec. 2o23, 10 Dec. 2023, we got this.

It’s BIZARRE in three respects:-

(1) It describes the webform received as Gladys Berejiklian’s, when Ms Berejiklian ceased to be the Premier more than 2 years ago.

(2) It says this email address is not monitored for replies when we were specifically asked if we wanted a reply, to which we gave a positive reply

(3) It indicated that any further correspondence should be submitted the the Premier’s webform, but this is what we just used to send the correspondence to which is he is supposed to be responding. In other words, send the same thing again.

Email us at info@questionsmisc.info

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